Rev. Fr. Agbata Celebrates First Mass, Urged to take the Ministry Seriously

The newly ordained priest, Fr. Raphael Agbata has been urged to take the responsibility entrusted to him to shepherd God’s people with the seriousness it deserves as he was called out of a multitude to serve.
Reverend Father Justine Dyikuk also urged Agbata to embrace all and sundry irrespective of religious differences and to be honest and upright in his dealings as doing such will further strengthen his ministry.
Dyikuk in his homily, at the first solemn Mass of Reverend Raphael Chukwuka Agbata at Saint James Catholic Church in Gombe, stressed that a lot is expected from Agbata, hence the need for him to be prayerful.
He further reminded the newly ordained priest that his new life will not be devoid of challenges and temptations but he should be wise and hold on to God as his strength comes from Him.
According to him, “You will enter your low days in the priesthood. These are times when you will feel depressed, down and out. Some women both young and old would pretend to occupy your lonely times. This is temptation, run for your life.”
Dyikuk enjoined him to take care of his health and also be ready to accept decisions contrary to his wishes as he has sworn to a life of obedience.
He said: “Take care of your health and entrust your life to God. Decisions will be taken about you that ordinarily you may not want. You could find yourself putting your strength into something only to see it disintegrate before your eyes. That may not be what the Church wants for you. Always remember the vow of obedience and report unpalatable decisions to God as he will guide you a right.”
According to him, the new priest is expected to be a caring father to children, understanding and friendly with the youth, a confidant to married men and women as well as a role model to his family and friends just as he should be diligent, accountable and obedient to his Bishop. In all these, he urged him to be a Holy Priest after the heart of Jesus as that is what God expects of him.
The cleric further called on the laity not to abandon their priests as they are human beings and need people around them so as to function properly.
The first Mass attracted people from all over the country who came to celebrate with the celebrant and Priests from several dioceses as well as the deputy governor of Gombe State, Mr. Charles Iliya and his wife also came to felicitate with the newly ordained.

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